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The secret of your
outstanding success!
(and a 78 % offer)

The single biggest contribution than I can make to your personal success is to csupport you with this "outstanding" DVD set.

If I had to point my finger on one factor that is making my retreats so successful than it is this:

Outstanding is what you do. Not only understanding but doing it decides about being outstanding. Seeing someone showing you step by step how to do it has more quality than just reading. It is a big step closer to do it yourself.

Remember as a child the only and best way was to observe someone and then repeat what we have seen. That's how we are developing naturally.

This is not only the easiest but also the most efficient way.

That's how it works for me and my clients, anyway.

What if I handed you a tool that will make it 80% more likely that you will do the things that will give you a outstanding life?

Would that help you?

To have me walk you through the art, yoga and personal development theory and exercises that helped already so many clients to live an outstanding live?

You can have it
... and you can do no wrong

because now you see every exercise step by step.

I have created this video material for celebrity clients, so you are getting what already works.

I never really sold it, with the exception of a few "hidden" offers like the one you are seeing now.

Many of the people who were lucky enough to get it have told me,
it is the best implantation of its kind...

it´s called simple the outstanding DVD course
and here why you want it.

The Outstanding DVD course is literally outstanding because it takes you by the hand and shows you in entertaining videos that are clear and understandable exactly how to use art and yoga.

It walks you through the same systematic approach to theoretical and practical exercises that I use during the high ticket resorts.

You are doing it right
because you see it step by step.

You can do no exercise wrong
because you see it instead of just reading it.

One of the common misconceptions about learning new skills is that you just have to get the theory and imagine it.

You don´t.

It's about what you do
not about what you can imagine
and watching a video is already seeing it done.

Your brain makes instantly the right connections
for your behaviour when you see someone already successful in what you want to achieve.

Even though this videos are fancy made, it comes down to the connections that your brain can make by observing. I made these videos so comprehensive to impress my high ticket clients, but it comes down to the human connection.


Before I started to make "fancy" looking videos, I used to make simple video recording of the retreats and it worked great.

See - it doesn´t matter that you have a fancy looking DVD course. It´s what it DOES that´s is of value.

And in the outstanding DVD course I had time to put the best value together and package it in a way that will guide you to be outstanding as much as it is possible on autopilot.

Just by watching and repeating!

And as complicated it may sound; there are only three steps to it.

I will guide you in a "tell and show" way through the art and yoga formula... that has been proven in high tickets retreats for my celebrity clients.

Plus, every chapter is built by first giving you a overview, than make you understand through personal development how it will work for you, than exercising and preparing your body with yoga movements ( from easy to advance mode) and finally implement it through an easy to follow art exercise.

Look, if you just have little time and space, you have got all you need to start being outstanding.

Really, you can just watch the personal development (one third of the videos) and they will boost your life.

For years I did seminars only about personal development and my clients had outstanding outcomes.
Imagine how much it boosts your outcome when I added my academic artistic skills and the yoga wisdom to it.  

Here is how to
get the
DVD course

You are already saving 7,00€ just by reading this text to the end, because if you already paid for the Book handling and shipping I will knock it off, so it’s:

590,-€ - 7,-€ = 583,-€

and additionally you get 20% off! Why? Because you are already my subscriber, so you know that art and yoga is not only fun but it works and I know you will love this course.

583,- € 20% less so now only for 466,- €

When you think about it you are getting the same content value like clients that are paying 2.121,00 € for the outstanding retreat,

so it's a 78 % offer.

Click the PayPal button to get your DVD course now.

DVD set and Workbook
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