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Welcome to the lessons that will change your artistic outcome efficiently. The lessons are divided in to:

    Master classes, are the most efficient way to reach your artistic goals.

     Advanced classes will expand your skills and methods in a cheaper and efficient way.

     Basic skills and methods are the best way to evolve your systematic approach.

     Free lessons are the most uncomplicated way to get to know the technique and methods.

Learn step by step the easy way. We have reworked the Bargue lessons in a way that will help you to achieve the results you expect. Concentrate on your drawing skill without the confusion of too many possibilities. Our PDFs and Videos are like an autopilot that will take you on a journey though Bargues work. Every PDF sheet will provide you with a clear meaning how to realize your attempt. We have broken down the complex and sometime confusing building process of Bargue sheets, to a one at a time process. You are starting with orientation lines that are providing you a direction of your drawing. On this orientation lines your are building a raw framework, that will support your drawing. As the framework is getting finer it will not be a problem to redraw the construction with expressive lines. This stage will already show you how powerful your drawing will be. The last stage are light and shadow, this happens also in a easy layer after layer method.

Your artistic journey to mastery begins. Join us on special programs and workshops to improve your art in the quickest possible way and to approach your own visions in the most efficient way.

NEW! Graduate in an easy way.It´s simple and convenient for your artistic development. Sign for an 8 week program. Every week you can download a PDF and Video exercise. Take your time to work it out and send the exercise to us for tips and exclusive advice. After 8 weeks ofcoaching you can achieve a certificate as a master of Bargue.

The basics will help you to evolve an artistic skill that soon will help your work to reach a really high level.

Beginner and more. Find the cheapest and easiest way to improve your artistic skills.

Free lessons. No matter where you are with your approach, this is your no risk, no cost starting point to the Bargue drawing course.

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