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This site will help you to get started. You will find the necessary approach in an easy step by step explanation. The first step is to print your PDF. On every print you will find numbers, so that you can always tell which pages belong together. The next step is to cut the pages along the line that is pointed to with the arrows. To save time, it is just necessary to cut one page and make the other overlap under the one that has been cut. Make sure that the pages are overlapping correctly, so that the arrows points are meeting at one point. Now tape the pages together. Tip: fix the page with a small piece of tape on one side so it will not move around when you taping with the long piece the pages together.

For the work process you will need:
- Pencils you will need a hard one 3H, a middle hard like HB and a soft for dark lines like 3B
- The tape you have already used to tape the pages together, it can be alsouseful to have a paper tape to fix your pages to the plate.
- aneraser, but make sure that it erases the lines from the hard pencil likewise as from the soft ones without leaving traces.
- Easel or you can use the flat side of a door, just make sure that the middle of your drawing is shoulder high, otherwise it will get pretty soon uncomfortable.

Prefer indirect bright light for your work, so that you can see everything clearly without spotlights or hard reflections. If you are right handed (for left-handed vice versa)  fix the blueprint on the right side of your working paper in a way that you can easily move your hand from the shoulder to and back without changing the position of your pencil. On the left side you can fix optional the final image to have "the big picture" of your work in sight. Make sure that all pictures are fixed in the same high, so you can compare better. Alsobe sure to fix your papers in a comfortable high, so you can spend some time working without back pain. With the easel you can change the high, but if you can't make sure that the middle of your paper is about shoulder high, so it is not necessary to bend or stretch yourself all the time. Ready to go? Enjoy the process!

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